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16 March 2021 - 30 March 2021
Water Knowledge Europe 2021 - Spring Edition
Digital international partnering event focused on THE NEW POTENTIAL WATER-RELATED CALLS FOR PROPOSALS OF HORIZON EUROPE WORK PROGRAMMES 2021-2022 (PILLAR 2 and PILLAR 3 - EIC), DIGITAL EUROPE PROGRAMME, THE NEW LIFE PROGRAMME 2021-2027, and Market Outreach of Digital Water Solutions and Cybersecurity.
Water Europe will host a series of free webinars that will offer you the chance to explore the openings offered.

    Water Knowledge Europe Spring Edition will include:

    1. Water Knowledge Europe 2021 - The new Calls for Proposals of the Horizon Europe (HEU) R&I FP, DIGITAL EUROPE Programme, and LIFE 2021-2027 & Project Ideas Presentations - Tuesday, March 23

    2. Water Market Europe 2021- Digital Water and Cyber-security & MarketPlace - Presentations of market scenarios, challenges by Problem Owners and solutions from Technology Providers to foster the market outreach of innovations for a Water-Smart Europe - Wednesday, March 24

    3. Water Projects Europe 3rd edition – Water in the Circular Economy Policy development - Friday, March 26

    To master the complexity of the new HEU Work Programmes 2021-2022, WKE2021 Spring Edition consists of the following modules:

    1. Preparatory Webinars: starting on 02/02 - free attendance - webinars on the most interesting groups of Calls for Proposals, starting from the 2nd of February, weekly. 
    2. WG meetings: starting on 15/03 - free attendance - dedicated exclusively to Water Europe members.
    3. WKE - Water Knowledge Europe Spring Edition - 23/03 - all access fee
    4. WME - Water Market Europe - Digital Water and Cyber-security - 24/03 - all access fee
    5. WPE - Water Projects Europe - 26/03 - all access fee
    6. Thematic workshops: 23,25 & 29/03 - the most updated information for the preparation of your successful project consortia.

    *One fee, access to all modules of WKE2021 Spring Edition

    Why should you join this event?

    • Receive the latest information from the European Commission about Horizon Europe 2021-2022
    • Present your project ideas
    • Meet with future project partners from across industry and research at our dedicated space for B2B meetings
    • Keep in touch with the speakers by using the chat and interactive means available now during the live sessions
    Join the Horizon Europe Brokerage Event: present your project ideas and discuss with potential partners in face-to-face meetings. Booking meetings is easy and open: you can book meetings immediately after the registration!
    An analysis of the future possible water related calls, per each cluster of pillar 2 of HEU, will be made available to members only!
    How to register to WKE2020 Horizon Europe?
    • Register as a Presenting participant (max 10 will be admitted) & fill in all the requested details for your project - Project Ideas registrations are open just until the 10th of March;
    • Register as an Attending participant and publish your collaboration wishes;
    • Browse the participant list and book meetings with other participants of your interest (meetings will be accepted automatically - you can Cancel what meetings do not suit you from your profile); 

    WKE2021 fees (including VAT for the cross-border transactions)

    • Water Europe Ambassadors: 75 € (*all sessions access)
    • Water Europe Members (attending & presenting participants): 95 € (*all sessions access)
    • Water Europe Non-members (attending & presenting participants): 115€ (*all sessions access, except the WG meetings dedicated to members)
    • EU officials participation is free of charge

    If you need more information regarding the event's registration process or payment settings, please contact Ms. Anca Popa, Event Coordinator.

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